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Camiguin Island Travel Guide

Let’s buckle up and start the Island born of Fire experience!

Camiguin is an island of natural wonders. I am a certified shutterbug and so I will let my photos tell you.
Camiguin wasn’t a part of our Bohol Itinerary in 2013 but the more blogs that I have read about this enchanting island, I found myself ‘seduced’ to visit it myself and tsaran! Camiguin is indeed more than any words can tell!


(Via AIR) Cebu Pacific have direct flight from Mactan International Airport to Camiguin Island. You can check Cebu Pacific Air‎ for flight schedules and rates.
(Via Cagayan de Oro) Go to Agora Bus Terminal and catch a bus bound to Butuan. Get off to Balingoan Bus Terminal. Walk toward Balingoan Ferry Terminal and get a ticket bound to Benoni Camiguin.                               Travel Time: 2 Hours              Fare: Php. 143.00                               Travel Time: 1 Hour (Aprox.)  Fare: Php. 170.00
(Via Bohol) Go to Dao Terminal in Tagbilaran City and catch a van bound to Jagna Bo…

Travel Guide: Bohol on a Budget

Let's enjoy what Bohol can offer on a tight budget!

Planning the Itinerary:

*Do your research about your planned trip. What is with that place that you couldn't find in other places? As a newbie budget traveler, maximizing everything on the trip is my number one Agenda. (Travelling is expensive so better have your itinerary planned.)

How to get there: Via Plane: Bohol is accessible by  plane.
Via Fast Craft:  From Cebu, Bohol is accessible in two routes.
1) Fast crafts bound to Tubigon, Bohol  is located in Pier 1 or Pier 3 in Cebu. -It will take you one hour and a half via Starcraft, the fare is Php. 220.00
2) Fast Ferries from Cebu to Tagbilaran will take two hours.  Ocean Jet ( is located in Pier 1 (Estimated Fare-Php. 800.00) and Weesam (  in Pier 4 (Estimated Fare-Php. 400.00)
Starcraft waiting for passengers bound to Tubigon.
Transportation Around Bohol: On either ports, buses, vans and jeepneys are available.
*If you are travelling i…