Camiguin Island Travel Guide

Let’s buckle up and start the Island born of Fire experience!

Camiguin is an island of natural wonders. I am a certified shutterbug and so I will let my photos tell you.

Camiguin wasn’t a part of our Bohol Itinerary in 2013 but the more blogs that I have read about this enchanting island, I found myself ‘seduced’ to visit it myself and tsaran! Camiguin is indeed more than any words can tell!


(Via AIR) Cebu Pacific have direct flight from Mactan International Airport to Camiguin Island. You can check Cebu Pacific Air for flight schedules and rates.

(Via Cagayan de Oro)
Go to Agora Bus Terminal and catch a bus bound to Butuan. Get off to Balingoan Bus Terminal.
Walk toward Balingoan Ferry Terminal and get a ticket bound to Benoni Camiguin.
                              Travel Time: 2 Hours              Fare: Php. 143.00
                              Travel Time: 1 Hour (Aprox.)  Fare: Php. 170.00

(Via Bohol)
Go to Dao Terminal in Tagbilaran City and catch a van bound to Jagna Bohol.
                             Travel Time: 1 Hour and 15 mins   Fare: Php. 110.00

 *Tell the driver that you have a ferry to catch. (Ocean Jet from Jagna to Camiguin leaves at 1:30)
           Travel Time: (Jagna-Benoni, Camiguin) 3 Hours           Fare: Php. 550.00

 Benoni, Camiguin to Jagna, Bohol                             Jagna, Bohol to Benoni, Camiguin
  • Time: 11: AM to 1:00 PM                                       Time: 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM
  • Rate: Php. 550.00                                                   Rate: Php. 550.00
          Camiguin is an Island province with two minor islets, Mantigue Island and White Island. It's capital is Mambajao (pronounced as Mam-ba-hao). It has seven (7) volcanoes and only five (5) Municipalities (Mambajao, Mahinog,Guinsiliban, Sagay and Catarman). Most of the  areas in Camiguin is a marine protected sanctuary making it one of the best diving destination in the country.

         This pearl-shaped island has an area of approximately 238 km2  and is encircled by a national road with a total length of about 64 kilometres, making it possible for backpackers to tour the whole island in a day. 

         Camiguin is the home of sweet lanzones, Vjandep Pastel and Tablea. 

You shouldn't miss Visiting the Vjandep bakeshop. :)
Camiguin's Freshly Picked Lanzones

        The  238 kmisland can be toured in a day. There are public transportations available but it is scarce especially in some areas so I suggest that you should hire a habal-habal (single motorcycle) for 2 pax or a multicab for bigger groups.
        The good thing with Camiguin is that they have fixed transportation rates so you don't have to worry about over priced transportation fee.

The Motorela

Ocean Jet Schedule and Fare
Transportation Rates: (Camiguin Travel Map)
                                           Van Rental--------------------- P 2500.00 good for 10-12 pax
                                           Multicab Rental--------------- P 1700.00 good for 8 pax
                                           Jeepney------------------------- P 2000.00 good for 16-18 pax

               Contact Person: TEDDY M. PABUALAN  0939-2440521 or 0906-4912604

*Ask for discounts. You can get the Multicab Rental for P1300.00 or even lesser. We got ours for Php. 2500.00 good for two days. :)

          Kuya Teddy have a number of multicabs and he is one of the most referred tour guide from all the blogs I read. He and his men knew almost everything about the tourist spots, cheap pasalubongs, tasty and must try foods and of course driver/tour guide/photographer all in one!

Our service. 

Habal-Habal Rates: (source:
                                       Habal-Habal (with the driver) - PHP 800/day                               
                                       Habal-Habal (without the driver) - PHP 500/day
                                       Habal-Habal (without the driver) - PHP 400/day if 3 to 7 days
                                       Habal-Habal (without the driver) - negotiable if more than 7 days
                                       Multicab - PHP 1,200 - 1,500

                                   Contact Person: Jojo Ocular - 0905-9566288
                                               I read so much about him. :)

*Motorela Rates: Php. 8.00 Minimum

*We asked the driver of the multicab if what is the total cost of fare  from Benoni Port to our accomodation (Pagguia's Cottage) and he told us that it is Php. 50.00 because Pagguia's Cottage is just a few kilometers away from Mambajao town Proper,then we asked for discount and we got it for Php. 30.00/head. It's still quite expensive though. 

           There are plenty of accommodation you could choose from. P.S You are going on an island travel so don't expect to find a 5 star hotel. ;) For a wilder  one, you can bring a tent and set up one in Ardent Hot Spring Camping area for Php125.00/head or you can share a room with other travelers in their dormitoty type accommodation while enjoying the hot spring for Php. 300.00/pax.
          You can also find a budget hotel, GV Hotel in Mambajao for 300.00/pax. Check Camiguin Tourism Association for more accommodations depending on your budget.

          When we went there, we stayed at Pagguia's Cottages. (Rates: 1600.00 but negotiable) There are also several cottages and resorts located near Pagguia's.

ITINERARY: (Island Tour Grande)

          It was already dark when we arrived in Pagguia's. We are tired from our long travel so we asked Ate Ruby, the manager  where could we  buy our dinner. She told us that there is a French Restaurant nearby and a small Carinderia near the bridge. We are really exhausted so we chose the Kainan sa Tulay since it is just about 200 meters or less away.

Rice @ Php. 6.00/cup
Fish: 20-50/stick (good for 2)

There are plenty of small boats waiting here for passengers going to the white island, to save money, wait for other pasengers @ Php. 40.00/head

                 Boats bound to White Island is located in Brgy. Yumbing, Mambajao and it is just less that a hundred steps from our accommodation.

                  You can hire a boat for Php. 400.00 (roundtrip) or you can wait for other tourist and pay just Php. 40.00/pax.

             *There are also rent snorkeling gears which costs Php. 50.00.

On our way to the White Island

White Island:
            White Island is a White Sandbar located 2 km off Yumbing/Agoho, Mambajao. A perfect place to darken your skin tone. It is a romantic place to watch sunrise or sunset. The magnificent view of Hibok-Hibok Mountain is a good background for jump shots, group photos or even portraits. White Island is inhabitable so don't forget to bring an umbrella and sun block. 
            ***There is communal tent in the island, you can also rent for a tent for your own personal use.

*I was in a hurry to return to our boat and I was shocked when our bangkero asked me to go down, then he washed my feet with the sea water, when I said that he doesn't need to do it, he told me that they really wash the sand off the tourist's feet to preserve the pristine sand of the island. (Salute for this people who really cares for their natural wonders!) 

Note: You are not allowed to bring anything from the island, so please take nothing but pictures! :)

*Try eating a cultured sea urchin soaked in Vinegar. Php. 20.00 (Aprox)
                                            Environmental Fee: Php. 20.00/pax.

Mt. Hibok Hibok is the perfect background photo from the white Island.

Enjoying the pristine water and sand of White Island. On the other side is the snorkeling area. There are jet ski's but I think you have to  communicate with Paras Resort regarding that.

This giant tent is for communal use.

Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross

  Winding up the slope of Old Volcano which erupted on 1871 are the 14 Stations of the Cross.

(Bad Manong Roland) It was our first stop and we never expected that we are going on a hiking!  He forgot to tell us that we should bring water and umbrella, we expected that the trail is not really long... we were sweating and burning under the sun when we realized that we are just halfway up to the last station.

The view while on of the trail is simply breath taking. Unending green coconut trees lined from north to south, the blue sea on the west and 200 meters away from the last station is the crater of the Old Volcano in the east.

Kuya Raz, the ice buko vendor was our savior from thirst! P.S. Thank you Kuya Raz for allowing us to buy your Gatorade for my very thirsty cousin.

Entrance Fee: Php. 5.00 

Taking a rest from an exhausting journey! We never expected that we are going this far. (But it was rewarding!) Easter Sunday Sacrifice.

The view of the Sunken Cemetery from the Old Volcano trail.

The Last Station! Yipeeeee! We made it!

Meet Kuya Raz, he said that you can see him there everyday. He is our savior from dehydration.

The Sunken Cemetery! Simply Breath Taking isn't it?
Sunken Cemetery
                    The cross marks the Spanish Cemetery which disappeared into the sea during the 1871, Old Volcano eruption.   

*Note: You can hire a boat that can bring you to the cross.

Location: National Highway, Bonbon (Walking distance from Old Volcano)

Entrance Fee: Free
Tip to Local Photographers: 20.00

Sunken Cemetery from the viewing terrace. The current was strong and we opt not to go to the cross.

Old Church Ruins
                   Overlooking the sea are the remains of the 16th century Spanish Church destroyed by the 1871 eruption.

Location: Bonbon, 13km from Mabajao. (Note: Walking distance from Sunken Cemetery)

Entrance Fee: Free

Poses and Jump shots!

Bura-Soda Water Park
              This spring in the foothills of Mt. Hibok Hibok is unique as it is natural soda water! The water is from the mountain that passes through  the pipes.

Location: 4kms from the highway
Entrance Fee: Php. 20.00/head (10 yrs. old and  below, Free)

The 3 peaks of Tres Marias Mt.

Sto. Nino Cold Spring
                    The cold water of Sto. Nino Cold Spring is from Mt. Hibok-Hibok. The cold spring is really full when we got there, there are lots of families having family picnics and videoke. It is the most visited spot by the locals.

Location: 4kms before Catarman
Entrance Fee: Php. 20.00

Lunch: Native Chicken Adobo (thumbs up!)

Locals having family picnics.

Kuya Roland said that weekends in Camiguin are mostly family day.

Moro-Moro Watch Tower
        The remains of the 1598 settlement in the island. It is hidden by the buildings of Guinsiliban Central School.

         You can climb the tower and look at the mainland Mindanao.

Entrance Fee: Free

Jump shot!

Sto. Rosario Church
            It was built in 1882, it's interior is made of sawili walls, driftwood chandeliers and adobe stone alter.
           The place of the biggest holy water basin I ever saw!

Entrance Fee: Free

This church really have a different feel.


Look at the chandeliers and walls.

Holy Water.
Katibawasan Falls
                  It is the highest waterfall in the island plunging 75m into a large rock pool which is perfect for a refreshing dip. You can see wild orchids and some shrubs on the sides of the falls.

Location: Road past the Provincial Capitol (5km away from Mambajao)

Entrance Fee: Php. 20.00


Katibawasan Falls.
Ardent Hot Spring
           It is a natural pool of about 39 °C coming from the bowels of Mt. Hibok-Hibok. There are cottages, restaurants, coffee shops, picnic huts and restrooms provided for day tourists. It has a landscape of natural stones, wild shrubs and plants that could be found on the area. 

Entrance Fee: Php. 30.00

Soothing tired ankles and sore limbs after a long day.


It is made of cassava. I forgot the name but it's superb! 

Taguines Lagoon
                Taste delicious seafood cuisines at the J&A Fish pen found in Taguines Lagoon. The Queobe Eco Park is located in the hills above. You can also feed the fish for Php. 20.00 for one serve of sliced squid (fish meal.) 

It is located 2 kilometers away from Benoni Port and we stopped by while waiting for Ocean Jet that will bring us back to Jagna, Bohol.

Natural Wonders.

Here are some other spots you might want to include to your Itinerary:

1.) Tangub Hot Spring
2.) Tausan Falls
3.) Binangawan Falls
4.) Mantigue Island
5.) Giant Clam Sanctuary
6.) Ostrich Breeding Farm
7.) Macao Cold Spring
8.) Enigmata Treehouse and Sculpture Garden
9.) Phivolcs Observatory Station

*Camiguin is one of the best diving spots in the the country. Many of its area is considered as a marine protected area. It is one of the home of underwater treasures.

                 Camiguin is one of the places that I will surely visit again!

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